Best Music Concerts in India

Music has the power to heal the soul and pull distant hearts together. Listening to music on the phone or television is a way of relaxing for many people. However, only an actual music fan would understand the joy of listening to music at a live concert. Music festivals are held in different parts of India where singers and musicians from all over the world showcase their talents. For travelers and music lovers, this proves to be a golden opportunity as they get to enjoy a diverse mix of music as well as explore new places.


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The Humming Tree, Bangalore

Even though the place is a bar, it has established itself as a vibrant live music venue. Humming Tree was created with the aim of giving upcoming and less well-known musicians a platform to come together and share their music with the world. This is good news not only for musicians, but also for lovers of live music. Without such platforms, new artists may never be able to perform their music.


alt="best music concerts in india"National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai

From plays and stand-up comedy to classical concerts, the NCPA in Mumbai has a calendar full of cultural events throughout the year. Especially if you are a lover and seeker of traditional. The NCPA has hosted many distinguished artists, including the Mr. Mehta, Zakir Hussain and Shivkumar Sharma, who regularly perform there.


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Mahindra Blues, Mumbai

Asia’s largest blues music festival, Mahindra Blues takes place in Mumbai every February. The festival is promoting the local blues community by bringing already established blues artists and emerging artists from India on a common platform across the globe. Tourists can also enjoy the local food and bustling nights of the city with this elite music festival.


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Road to Ultra, Mumbai, Delhi

Fans were shivering in excitement as The Ultra Music Festival has finally made its way onto Indian soil with its Global Leg to Tour, Road to Ultra. Being one of the world’s largest electronic festivals, they were not disappointed with the event being held in Mumbai and Delhi for the first time in 2017, the global electronic duo, the lineup included Chainsmokers. This one-day festival is filled with performances by some of the biggest names in the Indian and global EDM industry.