Best Music Streaming Apps Free

For some of us, music is just music while others will take music as a way of life. Music brings joy in addition to pleasure and emotions; it has been found beneficial for human health. Music makes you happy, reduces stress, reduces depression, gives you better sleep and other health benefits. So, if you ever need to listen to good and quality music, we have you covered with the best free music app for Android and iPhone.


alt="best music streaming apps free"Spotify

It was the first time Spotify was launched in India in less than a month after the arrival of YouTube Music. In just a week, the world’s largest audio-streaming service claimed to surpass one million users in India. Unlike YouTube, however, Spotify is offering a bunch of subscription plans – annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily. You can start streaming at Rs 13 per day, and monthly packs are available for Rs 119. But, if you opt for an annual subscription (Rs 1,189), then you are technically paying Rs 99 per month (like YouTube music). Spotify cataloged over 40 million songs and three billion playlists at the time of launch. There are city-based playlists and multi-language recommendations as well as podcasts.


alt="best music streaming apps free"

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is one of Google’s top music apps. If you prefer to keep track of official releases or singles from your favorite artists, it will keep pace with your interest. In addition, it is known to give the most appropriate recommendations according to many things including your taste, location and even mood. Another department where YouTube Music has made considerable progress is refining the entire UI, making it easy to browse albums, live performances, remixes and more. In addition, advanced search plays an important role in quickly finding a song or album. But what caught my eye in this app is the hot list which provides quick access to all the trending songs.


alt="best music streaming apps free"Gaana

Gana is India’s oldest music-streaming service and counts over 100 million downloads. The Times Internet-owned service has a collection of Bollywood songs; You can just log in through your Facebook account. FB login became popular with young users who could spy on their friends’ listening activity. However, there is an option to discontinue it. There is also a free and premium (Gaana Plus) version of Gaana. While non-paying users can access all tracks, they have to do with the absence of advertisements and offline modes. Paid subscribers, however, can take advantage of a maximum of five devices on HD-quality songs, ad-free playback, and offline mode. The Gaana Pro is priced at Rs 99 per month and Rs 999 per year – like JioSaavn’s plans.


alt="best music streaming apps free"Amazon Music

“Amazon Music” has improved a lot in most aspects. And if you’re ready to change your loyalty or just want to create a music app that can tick most boxes, this is a very safe pick. The app now has a clean and intuitive interface that makes for easy navigation. As for the music library, Amazon claims it received 50 million songs, which is undoubtedly a lot more than you can ever stream. One obvious advantage of having a large catalog of music is that your search for a unique song will rarely be missed. Amazon Music is also very smart in recommending songs and stations based on your preference. Therefore, when you want to go for a music drive, you do not have to spend a lot of time to choose the songs that can thrill you.