Harmonium price in India

Harmonium is an instrument that is indispensable in India and is used to play in the religious arena, in classical music, in folklore and within the family. This is mainly attributed to its popularity for easy handling. The functioning of the harmonium can be compared to agreement. Air is pumped through the blower into an enclosed space. It is possible to open a specially defined hole with a keyboard, through which the pumped air is then pressurized. The reeds attached to the opening (double, triple or quadruple reeds) are vibrating sets and therefore produce the desired note. TARANG’s current Harmonium offering is the result of more than 20 years of experience with Harmonium manufacturers in India. The West’s self-evident requirements regarding consistent quality, accurate processing and consideration of complaints are not natural in India. This is also true for large harmonium manufacturers known in the West, whose production capacity is low enough to meet worldwide orders. Most orders are outsourced to surrounding regional construction companies. And this has a very adverse effect on quality. To ensure consistent quality, a lasting impact and quality control of the importer from the West is unavoidable on the spot. Based on long experience, our customer may believe that he or she only gets verified harmonium several times regarding quality, sound and functionality.

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Delhi Style Harmonium

Price start from INR 5000-10000/- (price may vary)

The Delhi Harmonium is where most people start, and in general, from beginner to professional, they are what you will see most people playing. Design – With simplified construction, they are light weight, ideal for travel and easy to maintain. Sound – This style of harmonium is common to kirtans, but you will find it dynamic, organ vocals easily integrated into all types of modern folk, indie, ambient and other styles of music. Budget – Very good Delhi style harmoniums are relatively cheap as compared to other musical instruments. Their simple construction equals low cost.

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Kolkata Style

Price start from INR 8000-16000/- (price may vary)

In almost every way possible, the harmoniums of Kolkata are fundamentally different from those produced in Delhi. Not surprisingly, they look, sound and feel very different from their Delhi style counterparts. Design – These boxes are solidly constructed, elaborately designed, and detailed in their engineering. Sound – With three to four reed sets ringing in a wide range of octaves, these instruments produce a very full, full tone. They are common to Ghazals, classical Indian and other traditional Eastern music genres, but are very easily integrated into Western music composition.